The Sounds of Sleep

by Bad Dreams

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released June 25, 2013

Originally released under the moniker "Animal Flag" in the summer of 2013. Animal Flag, as a band, has moved in a different direction artistically and because of that has moved away from the soundscape found on this record. That sound lives on in Bad Dreams:

This digital release contains a PDF booklet of original paintings and illustrations by Christian Craig to accompany the music.

Kelsey Byrne: voice (1, 6)
Billy Centenaro: voice, synth (6, 9)
Paige Chaplin: voice (5, 7, 9, 10)
Matthew Machu: didgeridoo (1)
Capen Evans: voice (3, 4)
Theo Metz: vibraphone (9)
Mike Nevin: sonic advising
Collin Pastore: pedal steel (7, 10)
Matthew Politoski: voice, guitar, synth bass, drums, percussion, keyboards, piano, mandolin, banjo, effects pedals, drum programming, sampling
Kailey Shaffer: violin (9)
Yichun Teng: trombone (9)
Jharis Yokley: drums (9)
Jackson Wargo: voice (9)

Written and produced by Matthew Politoski
Mixed and mastered by Billy Centenaro
Original artwork by Christian Craig



all rights reserved


Animal Flag Boston, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Be Gone from My Dreams
Just when you think that you're alright
Just when you think you've found escape in night
From the recesses of your head she will appear
As if you needed a reminder
As if the ear drums of your memory heard that she had begun to slip away from you
Be gone from my dreams
Even sleep will not bid you leave from the heart break of your daily scenes
So you'll kick and scream and fight
And you'll be scared as hell to sleep at night
And from your bed you'll let out a cry
Be gone from my dreams
Track Name: Not Invincible
Our temples turn inside us every time, we collide
The fixtures of our hearts become capsized
You're an overture, you are gentle on my mind
You're a sacred song that echos through my night
But you are not invincible
And I know that may be hard to swallow
But you are not invincible
And your armor proves itself too hallow
Our bodies melt together like a scar, like scar
As I make my home inside your lonely arms
You are overcast, you are gentle with your lies, with your lies
You're a trembling hand and you make me feel alive
Track Name: You Will Always Wonder
Come outside my dear, it's time to say goodbye
To everything you've known inside this life
You were a different person around this time last night
So I will sympathize with the lack of light
You didn't see it coming, well no one ever does
So don't take it too bad, you're not the only one
But now as you grow older, there's one thing you can see
You will live your life in uncertainty
You will always wonder
So sleep well now and see your whole life undone
Your life undone
Track Name: Human Being
I am a human being
And I will let you down
And everything I say
Will come right back around
Because I am a human being
And I will let you down
And everything I say
Will find it's way back around
But if this should come as some surprise
That I became less gentle with the time
That I would lose my perfect shine
My angelic stance inside your eyes
Then I hope you can learn to forgive
There is no hero where you thought I lived
I'm man and nothing more than this and
Perfection's weight, I cannot lift
I'd like to think you tried your best
To understand my loneliness
And I used to think you were someone
That I could love and maybe even trust
But recently I've lost my faith
And the hope I once saw in your face
The truth has become clear to me
Your reservations make you weak, they make you weak
Because I am a human being
And I will let you down
And everything I say
Will come right back around
I see you in everything
No matter where I go, what song I sing
You have lived inside of me
Filling the void of what could never be
Well time and space were never kind
To lovers bound by this design
And the words we use to speak our minds
Well this language fails at best when tried
Every time, every time, every time, every time
Track Name: Trap of Time
So harmless at first
You were golden from birth
A new breath off the lips of God sent to earth
To a mother and father, so grateful, so thankful
Too speechless for words
Oh how long they waited to gaze in the eyes of their beautiful girl
You were finally there
Every memory is just a picture of something we've lost in the trap of time, the paradigm, in the shifts that take us by surprise
So harmless at first
How you wish to return to the earliest days of your life on this earth
No potential to hurt
No possible burns
Only kind hearted words
But now innocence turns
She has left you, your drunk off the poisons of earth
And you beg she returns
You beg, you beg she returns
Every memory is just a picture of something we've lost in the trap of time, the paradigm, in the shifts that take us by surprise
Can you see the life behind you when you close your eyes at night Leave it behind you
Track Name: The Swan Song of Your Youth
The swan song of your youth, it goes like this
That every claim of love you hear comes from insincere lips
The swan song of your youth, it goes like this
That any sense of hope you feel, is just your mind's dirty trick
Track Name: DNA
There you were, at the bottom of yourself
You could see every single little thing
You were awake you were breathing
And looking up on everything you had become
You saw the outline of your love
Their DNA intertwined with yours to make a person so easy to fake
In your vision of the future do you see those shapeless features
Coming together for a reason? Do you see them filling in
With some extraordinary color? One that could replace every other
With a steady sense of purpose
A focus too intense to break
As it was burning bright and lovely did it remind you of that old dream?
Or was it looking like a savior? Like it was hanging there for you
Or was it more of an exception? One more reason to be helpless?
One more bed for you to lie in? One more thing to drag along
One more thing to drag along
Track Name: The Sounds of Sleep
In your head do you hear voices?
And are they telling you you're choice less?
And are they binding you with noises?
Are they sending you to bed?
Are they blacking out the windows
With the darkest things that you know?
And do they flash behind your eyelids things that you'd rather forget?
Things that you'd rather forget
And then you saw what you thought you lost
Just standing there with a single tear
And every seam of every snuggle dream
Came undone all at once
As you slept and as the grass grew wet
Something inside of you turned into something new
So that when you woke all the words you spoke
Would be echoes of that place you loved
that place you loved
These are the sounds of sleep
Listen as they set you free
The midnight sun underneath your feet
There are the sounds of sleep
Listen as they make you see
All you've lost in that 6 year dream
These are the sounds of sleep
A haunted latter in the city streets
Angels climbing, lucid needs
These are the sounds of sleep
Listen as they set you free
You will become all you see
See what you're doing
See what you've done
See where your going
See who you've loved
Track Name: Last Words
The last words from your mouth
Shook the rafters of this broken home and house
They ricocheted off the walls
And spent the next year tumbling through the spring and fall
And in my ears I hear them still
As steady as the land that you left when you told me
That some day I'd understand
You'd think I'd know by now
What you meant by all those tattered sounds and vowels
But even still they drift in me
Every ounce of all that they could mean
And when your wondering is through
All your restless nights will look back at you and smile
To show you that you're fine
And she will kiss you through the night
And hold you by the hand
To remind you of a love that you'll just have to understand.