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released October 7, 2016

Sai Boddupalli: Guitar
Billy Centenaro: Guitar
Jesse Denaro: Drums
Jeff Kinsey: Bass
Alex Pickert: Drums
Matthew Politoski: Guitar, piano, organ, vocals
Zach Weeks: Bass
Paige Chaplin: Vocals
Avery Ballotta: Violin
Chris Gooch: Banjo
Collin Pastore: Pedal steel

Also featuring: Austin Abbott, Joe Bobula, Chris Geller, Drew Gilbert,
Tim Kmet, Olivia Laratta, Ben Lusher, Mike Nevin, Nick Surette

Written and produced by Matthew Politoski
Recorded and mixed by Billy Centenaro
Mastering and addt. recording by Zach Weeks
Addt. recording and mixing on "Prone" by Matthew Politoski
Additional engineering by Virginia Wright and Sean Duffy
Design by Zach Weeks and Matthew Politoski
Cover photo by Nick DiNatale — www.nickdinatale.com

Lyrical content in “Solace” is used with permission from Levi the Poet
All songs written by Matthew Politoski

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all rights reserved


Animal Flag Boston, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Jealous Lover
I am a jealous lover
I cannot stand their face
I’ll pace the floor for hours
And I’ll curse your name

I am a patient brother
I’m not a patient son
I disregard my father
Mom says I’m always gone

The Lord is a jealous lover
Oh, how she hates my ways
She’ll pace the floor for hours
But to her it feels like days
I guess it’s true
Love waits
Track Name: Sensation
It's a sensation
It's coming out your eyes again
How'd you let it get like this
An anchor for your sinking chest
No one wins
Your hands are tied, your head it spins
And every life you've ever lived in former bliss
Comes back to make you sick

I don't know which is worse
The fact that you're gone or the fact that it hurts
And I've been trying to keep you down
But the way you resurface makes the loveliest sound

So in the past you'll stay
Assuming a familiar shape
Now happiness is just a way to hide your shame
It's just a face you've learned to fake
And it's not okay when anger keeps the tears at bay
When forgiveness is met half way by guilt and blame
And when apologies are delayed
Track Name: Angels
You wear your hurtful past
On your chest like a badge
It’s all the right you need
To act out on your greed
So you let your body go
To whomever you please
Claiming you are free
From all my tyranny

And I understand you’re numb
And you barely give a fuck
But hear me out this once
He does not want your love
Because he doesn’t know your name
And he does not share your pain
And he could not care less
To him you are just flesh

So disregard all of this
And sink into another kiss
Another drunken grapple in the dark
And don’t take this as a judgement
Please take it and consider it
Does that feel like what you were made for
Track Name: Solace
Solace, I fear the man I might become
Your hypocrite, your hired gun
I count my demons one by one
And you chase me as I run
I've seen your face in every bar
And all those late nights in her car
I heard god meets you where you are
Not just an apathetic hand out in the stars

Solace, we are a broken family
At least we have sincerity
Let us rejoice and not deceive
There is hope out there for you
Like there's hope out there for me

Solace, please send a crash to wake me up
The sound of your insistent drum
I need to know that you're enough
I am a skeptic and a son
If you are bigger than belief
If you are more than eyes can see
Then show me how I am to be
And from the roots I'll learn to breath

Cut me like a sword, cut me like a sword
I wanna show off my battle scars
Who I was before, who I was before
I'll drown him in an ocean of my father's blood
Track Name: Mercy
Today I woke to find myself an orchestra with broken bells
And the sounds I made, they could have come from hell
Because hell is a place that I found inside myself, not underground
And it all comes out when I open my mouth
Because I've held notes with a chorus of thieves
And I've begged for mercy on hollow knees
So when I say, I'll change my ways
It's a promise that I will not keep

I saw heaven with my own eyes in a dream I had late last night
But it slipped away with the morning's light
So now I curse the rising day as she pours into my painted grave
That crown of fire, she cleanses everything
And the civil war has found itself brand new grounds on which to dwell
My heart and mind, through space and time
On the fringes of my fragile shell

So impart to me everything that I do not deserve to see
Please extend the vision you have given me
Purge my greed
And I will become the sea
Despite my doubts, I will travel toward my fears and live them out
And stand up to the demons that I've kept around
Through ups and downs
I will watch them drown

In mercy's arms what I have learned
Is that I don't get quite what I deserve
It seems that I am measured on a curve
And all I've claimed to know of love
Are fruitless words from a foolish tongue
It's nothing I can really speak of
Because I was not there when the stars were hung
No, I did not arrange the moon or the sun
So who am I, what silly pride
To think that I am someone
Track Name: St. Cecilia's
Itʼs coming down hard by St. Ceciliaʼs
Itʼs holy water if you can say
That the chemical reactions
Youʼve been causing can qualify me as a saint
Cause Iʼve been feeling like a martyr for the past 2 years
Iʼve been trying very hard to be brave
But every time I kneel down to meet my maker
The only thing I see is your face

So I hope for both our sakes
That things donʼt turn out this way
And I apologize for what Iʼm about
To say to you, to say to you
But you wonʼt find another love like mine

Iʼve over heard a number of conversations
Of people bitching about the rain
So Iʼve learned to love the storm clouds and hazy weather
Cause Itʼs just another thing we canʼt change
Iʼve been listening to prophets, the broken hearted
Iʼve been learning something new everyday
And thereʼs a lesson thatʼs been ringing for weeks in my head
Donʼt ever trust a heart you canʼt break

So I hope for both our sakes
That we can see it this way
When the water falls from the sky it does so in ways
We canʼt anticipate
So maybe we can learn to love the rain
Track Name: Wayside
When I’m not there
I’m not there to you
When you’re not here
You are with me still
So does that make me
Something you could take or leave
Because on the shelf
It’s living hell to be
On the wayside

If you don’t care
Then you should tell me so
Because if you don’t
Then I can let it go

I wonder how
We got like this
So far out
I’m by the wayside
Track Name: Borrowed Bones
On that river bank
On the 4th and St. Patrick's Day
Well I saw the truth and it shook my faith
She and I were born to change
Tennessee, you thief
You took what I believed
And you showed me things that I'd rather not see
That everyone eventually must leave

And as I watched the moon undress
Well I heard the stars profess
Some things are better left unsaid
When it dies don't look back on it
But out here on the road
Between Georgia and Chicago
I found a pardon in my soul
For everything
For even things unknown

So in a body made of borrowed bones
I am learning to forgive
Cause I still have a ghost that haunts my home
And she gave birth to bitterness
So in the trenches of this war zone
I know that someday I'll forget
And I'll set fire to these borrowed bones
And rid myself of selfishness
Track Name: Prone
I can see it now
Through all the people I’ve once been
And all the times that I lost it
You were still by my side

Like an ocean
That I heard in the distance
That I saw in a vision
I found myself on the tides

I’ll admit it
That god, mostly I doubt you
And there are some things about you
That don’t sit well with my pride

But the truth is
That no matter the distance
No matter how far I drifted
You’ve been here the whole time

And it’s true
I’ve been fairly blind
And it’s true
We’re prone to divide
And if it’s you
That I’ll meet when I die
Then I’m asking
Open my eyes
Track Name: Cathedrals
I've been asleep for most of my life 

To the things that I want, I am chained tight
It's true that the punishment must fit the crime
Some call this living, I'm just doing time

With lungs filled with water or lungs filled with smoke
We must learn to sing the words we once spoke
In the midst of our seasons wearing death like a crown
We must learn to walk lightly on delicate ground
As the earth turns below us on an axis of time
That only moves forward as we beg to rewind
The tape at the end of our vaporous lives 
Will it show what we wanted or that we just learned to tell a few lies
While we were alive

I've been asleep for most of my life

To the pain I have cause, I remain blind
I've played the victim one too many times
I have my reasons, but it still isn't right

Like cathedrals built on slow sinking sand
So is the life of a resentful man

We must learn to walk backwards through our passage of time
And forsake our demons and idols alike 

Cause if your god's in a building than your god is a stone
And I’m sure there are things that I’ll never know
But despite how far I wander I can still hear them sing
The ballad of life and of death it is ringing

What is known is not for us
Does not the mother guide the son
With speaking up I am done
Quiet my heart quiet my tongue
Come speak in the silence