Everything Will Be Okay

by Animal Flag

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released March 25, 2012

Ellen Appleton: Violin and viola
Capen Evans: Vocals
Olivia Fortunato: Harp
Sabe Herreid Flores: Cello
Jeff Kinsey: Electric bass
Adam Kronowski: Drums
Andrew Lawrence: Upright bass
Dave Paul: Trombone
Matthew Politoski: Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, piano, keyboards, and percussion

Written and arranged by Matthew Politoski
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Billy Centenaro
Original artwork by Lindsey Patkos



all rights reserved


Animal Flag Boston, Massachusetts


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Track Name: To My Sunshine
To my sunshine, to my sunshine
I was so blind
The guilt is all mine
The terror inside

To my sunshine, to my sunshine
All will be well
And one day you will tell
Of love’s peaceful mind

To my green eyes, to my green eyes
I will be fine
Just give me some time
The storm will subside

Brother of mine, brother of mine
It kills me inside
To know that you’ve cried
For I love you still
Track Name: Everything Will Be Okay
My heart, my heart, my heavy stone
Won’t forgive my mortal bones
A vessel used for holding on
To all the wrongs that I have done
Is there anything that we can do?
To stop the terror that ensues
Where will you go when you have lost
Your innocence, what did it cost?

My head, my head, it creeks and moans
Shooting through my hollow bones
Adding to a quilt of thought
Sewn into a troubled lot
And now the only thing that I can see
Are all the places I should be
And the anxiousness that haunts me
Consumes my every thought and deed

I stood there in the shallow snow
My lips of blood, my feet so cold
Staring into dark unknown
Fear upon my heavy stone
When the midnight sunrise tore the sky
Right above the mountain side
Unveiling slow and steady light
Preview of eternal life

Everything will be okay
Track Name: The Management of Grief
I hope I didn’t miss the mark
I hope I didn’t miss your heart
Excuse me if I did
I really tried my best

Nothing I said made sense
But I meant every word of it
I’ve always loved you and I always will
But what a terribly unoriginal thing to say

Suck it up kid
Everybody hurts just as bad as you
You’re nothing new
Well If everyone’s the same
Then what’s with all the names?

Cause’ we’re all just trying our best
To carve a life out of this mess
It’s getting pretty bad down here
I think it’s time that we switch gears

The devil lives in my head
But God lives in my heart
I keep him in my heart

I’m a constant fight
Between what I know is right
And the skin I want to bite

I’m all I talk about
My focus is inside out
Forgive me for being vain and distant
It’s a habit that I’ve got to kick
Track Name: Winter's Dream
Dear, when you hear those night bugs sing
Remember me
Cause’ we’re singing the same thing
And that last time I drove home
You said, “don’t be alone
Let the night bugs keep you company
On your long drive home”

Dear, when you’re out there on your own
Remember me
I’m the one that felt like home
And you, my winter’s dream
How I long to be asleep
To be with you again
To be warmed by your skin

Dear, when you fall in love again
Remember me
And don’t you settle, don’t you settle
Cause’ you deserve the best
That any man could give
And you deserve the best
That anyone’s offering
He should treat you good
And he should love you true
But most of all my dear
He should respect you

But who am I to say
What’s really best for you?
For I was just a boy
Who fell in love with you
And I just want you to be happy
Track Name: Wouldn't That Be Nice
All the things that I have said to you
And all the love I’ve shown, was all a lie
Wouldn’t that be nice?

All the tears that I have cried for you
And the aching in my heart, was all a lie
Wouldn’t that be nice?

That would make this a lot easier
And maybe then you’d look me in the eye
Wouldn’t that be nice?

But the truth is, I still love you dear
And I could not even tell you why
Track Name: Smoking Gun
Brother I firmly believe
That time is running out for me
My life a slave to urgency
And the dream I had last night
Was much too jarring to keep inside
And much too heavy for just one mind

As we lie there helplessly
Honey dripped from the serpent’s teeth
With snakebites in our knees
The veins broke loose inside our eyes
Making it harder to see the light
Now every sun we see
Burns dim behind the tallest trees
Hidden by the canopy

And the rays of truth you cannot see
Are flashing through eternity
I believe that fate will pass
The snares in every human path

When the lighting in that eagles eye
When the snow upon the mountain side
When the tremble in that night birds song is gone
When the sunlight in the garden fades
When the rust grows on those iron gates
When the auburn leaves have all turned to dust
I hope that I won’t stick around
To watch us all burn to the ground
But if I must, I hope I see it all

When we wake to see
That the garden is dripping with blood
We’ll know just what we have done
And my eyes will see
That all that was right with the world is gone
And I will be holding the smoking gun
Track Name: Moon Song
I am happy with no light of my own
I’m content with my darkened home
Above your clouds and your warm homes
I reflect a light that guides us all

In the night sky, I shine so bright
But I am humbled, for I have no light
What you see comes not from me
For I shine, at the sun’s mercy

My only hope, is to be like the moon
No jealous whims, no selfish cues
My only hope, is to reflect
The love of God upon this mess
Track Name: Staring Contest
My heavy heart I battled through
I wanted nothing more than you
A staring contest just for two
My head was filling up with thoughts of you

We were slowly growing bold
We kept each other from the cold
Your kitchen hall and on the couch
We kissed each other on the mouth
But I could always sense a lot
Was resting on that beauty spot
The one inside of your rib cage
The one that pumps blood through your veins

One day, my dear, you will be bright
Gleaming in the summer’s light
Healthy from the sun’s embrace
And love shining from your face
If I could ever get that close
I would gladly be a host
For all the weight behind those eyes
Behind those mesmerizing emerald skies

This is the beat inside my chest
You should know there’s nothing left
I’ve laid it all before your eyes
No strings, no hooks, no faulty ties
I love you more than you should know
And if you need, I’ll let you go
But only if you tell me to
I want whatever’s best for you
Track Name: Barbed Wire Heart
I have no substitute
For the imprint of you
Has stained me through and through
There’s a void filling a silhouette
There’s no doubt that it’s you

So I’ll let it eat at me
Because it’s easy that way
To numb and to stay
With the comforting warmth of the pain
But I’m losing my name

So I’ll keep you trapped in here
In my barbed wire heart
Soon the cage match will start
And there will be more blood than expected
At least on my part

Well there’s no one to blame
There’s no poisonous bane
It’s tangling rush in the course of my veins
It’s all in myself
It’s the dust on the shelf
It’s the comforting warmth of the early may rain
Sometimes I’ll walk
In the dead of the night
When there’s no one alive
And the city is mine
And then when I sleep
I’ll watch movies of you
And in the haze of the dream
It will all seem so true
At least on my part

Do you still think of me?
With a tear in your eye
Reflecting the light
Of the 50 watt bulb in your kitchen
It’s burned in my mind
Track Name: Raspberry Holocaust
The sun was hot but the wind was cold
And I could finally feel what was in my soul
And it all made sense
And it came to me like the clearest dream
That holding on would be the death of me
And my finite sanity
And you always said never second-guess all the things you feel
But do you ever stop to think?
Maybe there is something wrong with me?
Cause we both know, how trustworthy
Our fragile hearts and feeble minds can be
In keeping with reality

A September walk through the Holocaust
And a raspberry that was given on a leaf
That’s what it took for me to see
That it’s not the things that we receive
But the love we give
And the love that we set free
That shapes us eternally

So you’ll go and have your fun
Regrets you will have none
But you will never escape
The sound of the one who loves you