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Void Ripper

by Animal Flag

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Morningstar 00:49
pull your punch, pick your fight bow to the morning star, pray to the thief at night i don’t think i’ll fit through the needle’s eye you always bark but you never bite
Void Ripper 03:17
what can be said that’s not been spoken, what can be that’s not been broken who can tell me, what is fair and what is and really isn’t there the flesh is weak and the mind is tired, the body bows to its desires i push this thought to the back of my mind, that everyone i love will die i believe that it’s not gonna happen to me, it’s not gonna happen to me
Candace 03:04
when i move forward i take three steps back, does the world turn on an axis or a track there's a time and a place for everything, i get seasonal depression in the spring when the flowers come up from their beds, they'll be laughing despite the dead in Canada, in an old forgotten shed, there's a little girl freezing to death in LA there's a business man in bed, he's giving and getting head yeah he's giving and getting it there's a time and a place for everything, there's the funeral dirge there's the wedding ring there's the way that you like to part your hair, there's the hey, hey, hey, there's tone that you use with me in the dark, there's the noise that you make when you parallel park, there's the crippling fear that you've had from the start and you still can't shake it, you still can't fake it, you still can't break the mold it doesn't matter how you feel, it doesn't matter what is real the best you can hope for anyone, is a painless execution
Stray 04:20
welcome to the world you’re the newest stray dog trudging down the street with your collar hanging off now that you’re free from your master’s reach do you ever miss it when you’re freezing, freezing in the street did you cry all night when you realized that you can’t go back and you’re running out of time the stray dog’s prayer is to be inside but all you’ll ever be is a wanderer in this life created sick, expected to be well again when your name is called don’t even think to question it you learned to walk but now you have to crawl the cruel master gives and then he takes it all so shiver all day and then decide, is the mind for the body or is the body for the mind lonely empire, shadowland into which i was born crumbling temple, understand that i am not yours
Fair 06:00
thank god i’m awake now, the rumble strip made an awfully terrible sound it shook my body and it shook my hands, well I don't know, am i part of a good plan oh god is he breathing now, they found him lying face down a few yards out they shook his body but to no avail, maybe god has a different view on what is fair close your eyes and count to 10 hold your breath just to pretend that you are dead do you feel close to god yet don't worry life is short, they've always said, it always ends
Lord of Pain 03:23
lord of pain come hear my prayer everything you do seems unfair you know, i don't, you know so take the sharp stone to my chest feathered serpent, god of the dead you know i'm sold, control feel my muscles come undone cosmic body stare at the sun for too long, it's all wrong, you're too far gone meaner than a junkyard dog you salivate all over the lawn go on, run home we're all alone
don't look back, it was never really tangible, don't look back, it was only ever practical but you were never really tangible and you said to me that you were all that I needed and you said to me but i don't believe it take me down, destroy me like you've threatened (i wish you would) or save me now, i want to be perfected (you said you could) i can hear you laugh from the back of the room, wonder if you'd take me back if i begged for you am i the pillar of salt or an empty tomb well, you never let me choose, so now i don't look back you were never really tangible, now i don't look back, you were only ever practical you were never really tangible
Why 03:14
when your parents met it was a lonely night they figured, yeah who cares, people get married all the time then they made you up and they brought you home and they laid you down and said god what have we done, what have we done now you're a speck of dust on a floating rock you're the fastest hand on the smallest clock you're a vapor bird with a body cage and when you break out it'll leave everyone in pain no god above, there’s evil all around, i think it's safe to say that i know that now but sometimes i laugh and sometimes i cry and lately i've been feeling like i'll never know why
Five 05:51
red paints the roadside, nature runs its course my lonely breather, should i have remorse or can you say where you've gone, the upper echelon can you say where we go, can you break the code are we all alone oh distant mother, where's your gentle hand you hang stars above us and rain fire on the land why did you make us at all, to suffer and revolt can you call us your own, do you make us whole are we all alone mind over matter, body over mind, five faulty senses fuck me every time


Sai Boddupalli: Guitar
Alex Pickert: Drums, percussion
Matthew Politoski: Guitar, programming, vocals, synthesizer
Zach Weeks: Bass guitar, orchestral percussion
Sydney Amanuel: Vocals (8, 9)
Paige Chaplin: Vocals (5, 6, 7)
Dary Valentina Dominguez: Spoken word (2, 9)
Olivia Laratta: Vocals (4)
Michi Tassey: Vocals (2)

Void Ripper was recorded between the years 2014 and 2017 at the following locations:
Maximum Sound Studio (Danvers, MA)
The Record Co. (Boston, MA)
Maria Yanakakis Weeks’ home (North Shore, MA)
Dary Valentina Dominguez’s home (Orange County, NY)
Lynnfield High School (Lynnfield, MA)
& various other spaces across Massachusetts and New York

Produced, written, and arranged by Animal Flag
Lyrics by Matthew Politoski
Recorded and mixed by Zach Weeks
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Artwork by Zach Weeks & layout by Zach Weeks and Matthew Politoski

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UK / overseas pre-order available at:


released April 18, 2018


all rights reserved



Animal Flag New York, New York

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