St. Cecilia's

by Animal Flag

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Lead single off of the upcoming self-titled EP which will be out on SEPTEMBER 9TH

Recorded in Boston MA
Mixed and mastered by Billy Centenaro


Itʼs coming down hard by St. Ceciliaʼs
Itʼs holy water if you can say
That the chemical reactions
Youʼve been causing
Can qualify me as a saint
Cause Iʼve been feeling like a martyr for the past 2 years
Iʼve been trying very hard to be brave
But every time I kneel down to meet my maker
The only thing I see is your face

So I hope for both our sakes
That things donʼt turn out this way
And I apologize for what Iʼm about
To say to you, to say to you
But you wonʼt find another love like mine

Iʼve over heard a number of conversations
Of people bitching about the rain
So Iʼve learned to love the storm clouds and hazy weather
Cause Itʼs just another thing we canʼt change
Iʼve been listening to prophets, the broken hearted
Iʼve been learning something new everyday
And thereʼs a lesson thatʼs been ringing for weeks in my head
Donʼt ever trust a heart you canʼt break

So I hope for both our sakes
That we can see it this way
When the water falls from the sky it does so in ways
We canʼt anticipate
So maybe we can learn to love the rain


released 28 August 2014



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